Your hosting account is even better managed with our new Lab v2

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We’re excited to bring you our new Lab v2 client area for your hosting account. It has been completely redesigned, and the UI is now cleaner, faster, and more intuitive to use. Many of the changes made were based on customer feedback and much-needed integrations with new features we’ve been adding to our hosting platform.


We want you to be able to do everything for your hosting account right from your Lab!

We also know that most of you are always on the go, and that is why we made sure that Lab v2 is fully responsive. This means you can easily manage your hosting account from anywhere. Pay your invoices, chat with our support team, and even registering new domain names or purchasing additional services, right from your phone.

The Lab dashboard is what you see when you first log in. You can quickly see an overview of your hosting services, domain registrations, open tickets, disk usage or unpaid invoices. Everything you need to manage your hosting service is quickly accessible through the “Actions”.

Today we’re going to take you on a quick tour through the Lab and show you how managing your account is now easier than ever. Check out some of the new features, product add-ons, and areas in Lab v2 below.

  • Multiple Languages

Lab v2 is now also available in various languages to provide you easier access and management of your hosting account in your native language. Check on your lab’s top header (left-hand side corner), and there is now an option to change your language. And we have many more languages coming down the road.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

hosting account

We have added Two-Factor Authentication to your lab for additional security.

If someone gets access to your lab, they could delete your websites, change DNS records, and all sorts of horrible things. We now have two-factor authentication available for all customers under your Lab.

To enable, access the “Security Settings” in your Lab then click on the “Enable” button.

  • Account Credit (Deposit Money in Advance)

hosting account

Now you can add funds to your hosting account with us to avoid lots of small transactions and to automatically pay any new invoices that are generated, to prevent any interruptions in service. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.

New Support Ticket System

Nothing is more important to us than the quality of our support, and it’s what has set us apart from the competition. We have implemented a new and improved support ticket system that allows us to gather more insights about the interaction with our customers and to collect feedback more efficiently.

This, in turn, means that your ticket support requests are ultimately resolved faster.

To open a new support ticket, log in your Lab and click the “Support icon” in the left-hand side menu. Choose the appropriate department, then type your message (you can attach files if needed). You’ll be notified by email when replies are posted to your ticket.

Our average first response time in Q4 2018 was 9 minutes!

  • Manage Your Hosting with Ease

hosting account

Another section in Lab’s dashboard is “Services,” where you can see a full list of the hosting services you are managing. For those of you with lots of services, there is an easy search functionality at the top.

When you click into “Manage Product” of one of your hosting services you will see the product information. This allows you to look at your disk and bandwidth usage, data center location, and to use multiple quick shortcuts to your email accounts, or to access phpMyAdmin or your File manager.

Beside this, you can also manage your existing product Add-ons or to view & order extra if needed.

  • New Product Add-ons

With our Lab v2, we’ve added new Product Add-ons. What’s more is that everything from initial setup, to purchasing, provisioning, deployment, and management is all 100% automated.

1. SSL Certificates from Symantec

hosting account

Symantec is the #1 brand in online web security. SSL’s can be purchased and configured for use with all our web hosting services. When purchased our system will automatically generate a CSR and install the certificate upon issuance for a fully automated purchasing and deployment experience.

2. Website Builder from Weebly – a Powerful Intuitive Website Builder

The drag and drop website builder from Weebly makes it easy for you to create a site, blog or e-commerce store without any technical skills required.

With a variety of stunning modern themes, your customers can create a professional looking website allowing them to get online faster than ever.

3. Email Security from SpamExperts – Enterprise Level Spam Incoming Filtering

Rock solid email filtering with smart self-learning technologies that catch almost 100% of spam before it ever reaches the inbox.

4. Website Security from SiteLock – Security and Malware Scanning, Detection and Removal

Cyber attacks are on the rise, increasing by 40% in 2017 alone meaning protecting you and your websites from attacks is more important than ever.

Now you can with Sitelock’s range of cloud-based website protection services. Its 360-degree monitoring finds and fixes threats, prevents future attacks, accelerates website performance and meets PCI compliance standards for businesses and websites of all sizes.


We focus a lot of our time and effort into our infrastructure and performance. And while that is very important, we realize that streamlining the management of your hosting account is also a priority.

The team at ChemiCloud is dedicated to providing constant improvements, and throughout the coming month, we have new and exciting features we’ll be adding to our hosting infrastructure regarding speed, uptime, and security.

hosting account

Whether you’re an existing client or someone just checking us out, we would love to hear your feedback on the new Lab v2!  Let us know below in the comments.

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